Sri Renugambal Temple, Padavedu

Lingaa >> Polur >> Santhavasal >> Padavedu

Morning : 6.40 am. to 1.00 pm.
Evening : 3.00 pm. to 8.30 pm.

Padavedu is one of the most important ‘Sakthi Sthalas’ in Thondainadu. Goddess Renugambal is self-manifested in this place and offering her blessings along with Brahma, Vishnu and Lord Siva. In this place a number of sages performed penance and attained salvation. The existence of Banalingam and Nanakarshna Chakra consecrated by Adi Sankarar is the specialty of this place.

Legend: Renukadevi, daughter of King Raivada married Sage Jamadagni and delivered Parasurama. It so happened that Renukadevi delayed in bringing water for Jamadagni’s puja as she stood wondering the beauty of the reflection of a Gandhar va in the water. Suspecting her fidelity, Jamadagni ordered his son Parasurama to chop off her head which the son obeyed. Dobis (Cloth washers) came to rescue the mother but Parasurama killed all of them. Yet, Parasurama begged his father to give him back his mother. Jamadagni gave the son the water with a Mantra power to restore her to life. While doing so, Parasurama wrongly fixed the head of his mother with other dobi woman and was able to make only the head alive. While Renukadevi’s head alone stayed in Earth, the body accompanied Jamadagni to higher worlds. This is how, Renuka’s head alone stayed and now a swayambu in the Padavedu temple.

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