Sri Panduranga Temple, Thennangur

Lingaa >> Chetpat >>Vandavasi >> Thennangur

Morning : 6.00 am. to 12.00 pm
Evening : 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

A place which connect the Architecture of East, Culture of West and Located in South Of India.
Temple Architecture replicate the “PURI
JAGANNATH” Temple of ORISSA, East of India.
inside the sanctum of the Temple, Its West of india.

Thennakur is located at South of India. Lord Panduranga in this idol form is 12 feet tall in a standing form. Mother Raghumayee nearby is adding beauty to beauty. Lord Panduranga showers His blessing as a King of Mathura on Sundays, in a simple form showing His Lotus feet for the darshan of devotees on Thursdays, with silver coverings on Fridays and as Lord Venkatachalapathi on Saturdays.

All the deities related to Sri Chakra worship are in this temple. Prayer is the best path to reach God. Every one can do the worship depending on their means and knowledge. The significance of the temple is the Nama Sangeerthana principles followed in worships because Music takes the soul to God.

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