Gingee Fort

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Gingee is known as GINGEE in Tamil. The small town of GINGEE was once a capital city, with its province extending from Nellore in the north to the Coleroon (Kollidam) in the south.
It is nestled on three hills, and enclosed by a huge rampart 60 feet thick, stands the majestic GINGEE Fort, in the Villuppuram district.
Much of the early history of this 800 years old fort is shrouded in mystery, as the fort seems to have changed many hands times before it was annexed to the Vijayanagar empire.
The fort still stands at 800ft. in height, guarded by a moat, eighty feet wide.
GINGEE today, with its ruined forts, temples and granaries, presents a different picture from the glorious splendor of its bygone days. But the remains of that valorous past, speak volumes about the numerous invasions, warfare and bravery that it witnessed. The forts are located on either side of the road to T. V. Malai .

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